Tournament History

Relive 10 years of Florida’s Natural Charity Classic memories.

2018 Champion: Lauren Kim

  • (69-74-63-206) -10

2017 Champion: Olivia Jordan-Higgins

  • (66-70-70-206) -10

2016 Champion: Samantha Richdale

  • (68-72-69-209) -7

2015 Champion: Sue Kim

  • (70-71-70-211) -5

2014 Champion: Yueer Cindy Feng

  • (70-70-67-207) -9

2013 Champion: Melissa Eaton

  • (68-66-72-206) -10

2012 Champion: Megan McChrystal

  • (71-66-74-211) -5

2011 Champion: Tzi-Chi Lin

  • (-69-68-69-206) -10

2010 Champion: Angela Oh

  • (72-65-137) -7

2009 Champion: Jean Reynolds

  • (69-73-70-212) -4


About Florida’s Natural

Florida’s Natural Growers was organized in 1933 by a few growers with a passion for producing the best possible citrus products on Earth.

Today, we are one of the largest cooperatives of citrus growers. We’re hundreds of grower-owners strong.

We own the land. We nurture the fruit. We harvest it at peak ripeness. Then we squeeze every delicious drop ourselves before bringing it to your table. That’s how we can guarantee the quality of our juices.

Shouldn’t you know exactly where your family’s food and drinks come from? We think so. That’s why Florida’s Natural® Brand premium orange juice is made and packaged right here in the U.S. (Central Florida, to be exact.)

So go ahead—pour a glass. You can be sure that it’s always 100% Florida and never imported.